The ECEE Team

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29 July 2017


Professor PhD, Eng. Lucian P. Georgescu

Professor habil. PhD, Constantin Apetrei

Professor habil. PhD, Geta Carac

Professor PhD, Stefan Dima

Professor PhD, Rodica Dinica

Professor PhD, Catalina Iticescu

Professor PhD, Mirela Voiculescu

Professor PhD, Mihaela Picu

Assoc. Professor PhD, Monica Aprodu

Assoc. Professor PhD, Mihaela Baroni

Assoc. Professor PhD, Simona Condurache Bota

Assoc. Professor PhD, Romica Cretu

Assoc. Professor PhD, Bianca Furdui

Assoc. Professor habil. PhD, Gabriel Murariu

Lecteur PhD, Eng. Dumitru Dima

Lecteur PhD, Carmelia Dragomir

Lecteur PhD, Monica Murarescu

Lecteur PhD, Mihaela Timofti

Lecteur PhD, . Cristina Stoian

Lecteur PhD, CAtAlina ?opa

Assistent Prof. PhD, Otilia Ioana Ghinea

Assistent Prof. PhD, Simona Patriche

Assistent Prof. PhD, Aurel Tabacaru

PhD, Daniel Constantin

PhD, Silvia Dragan

PhD, Candidate Eng. Valentin Hahue

PhD, Candidate Arseni Maxim

PhD, Candidate Adrian Rosu

PhD, Candidate Nicolov P. Violeta (Pintilie)

PhD, Candidate Zamfir M. Adrian-Stefan

PhD, Candidate Lefter Danut

PhD, Candidate Nicolae Alina Florina

Eng. Atena Birladeanu

Eng. Milica Covrig

Eng. Mihaela Blanaru

Management structure of ECEE

Director of the Center:
Prof. Ph.D. Eng. Lucian P. Georgescu,

Scientific Council:

Prof. PhD. habil. Constantin Apetrei;

Prof. PhD. habil. Rodica Dinica;

Prof. PhD. Lucian Georgescu;

Prof. PhD. Catalina Iticescu;

Assoc. Prof. PhD. habil. Gabriel Murariu;

Prof. Mirela Voiculescu;

Structure of the human resource

Total number of members, out of which:

A. Number of members: 35

B. Number of Associate Members: - 0

C. PhD supervisors:

- Prof. PhD. Eng. Lucian P. Georgescu, PhD - Industrial Engineering;

- Prof. PhD. habil. Rodica Mihaela Dinica - Chemistry;

- Prof. PhD. habil. Constantin Apetrei - Chemistry;

- Prof. PhD. habil. Geta Carac - Materials Science and Engineering;

- Assoc. Prof. PhD. habil. Gabriel Murariu - Environmental Engineering.

D. Number of young researchers (post-doctoral, doctoral students, master students, etc.): 5

E. Number of engineers / technicians: 3
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